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7 Supplements You Might Want To Consider

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Why Supplement Your Diet?

While it can't be stressed enough that having a well balanced diet is the most important way to get all the nutrients you need, it's also true that

supplementation may also have its benefits as well. In some cases, your diet may not supply you with enough important nutrients. In other cases,

supplementation has been shown to have significant benefits in addition to a well balanced healthy diet. Here is a list of seven supplements that you might want to consider taking on a regular basis.

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Although it is a blue green algae and probably not something you might want to eat on its own, it is an ancient source of nutrients that was originally recognized as such by the Aztecs. Because of its nutritious benefits, it has been labeled a "whole food" by agencies including the World Health Organization.

A typical daily dose is about 20 mg per day which will supply you with essential nutrients and minerals while also assisting with controling blood glucose.

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Image Credit: Morguefile

Vitamin C

There is evidence that the recommended dietary allowance that has been set in the United States for Vitamin C is not enough for optimum health. While your regular diet may be providing you with the RDA, there is good reason to believe that supplementing with at least 500 mg of pure Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) will provide you with additional benefits and protection.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant and is linked to lower risks of cancer, cataracts, and heart disease. Many cooking and preparation methods of food that are high in Vitamin C when raw destroy or reduce the amount of this vitamin so you might not be getting as much as you think you are through diet alone.

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon


Selenium is a trace mineral that is very important to humans as an antioxidant and appears to work synergistically with Vitamin E. Deficiencies of selenium may be linked to increased risk of some cancers. One study conducted in the Czech Republic linked selenium deficiencies to thyroid cancer.

While there are many fruits and vegetables that could provide selenium, the problem is they are often grown in selenium depleted soils and therefore your body may be deficient if you are not supplementing with it.

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Image Source: Jackson3 on Flickr


Turmeric has been long known to have some amazing health benefits due to it's complex compounds that exist within it. It is a spice that is well known in India and Asia, and is often used to add color to foods. One of the compounds within turmeric that is known to be extremely beneficial to our health is curcumin and is available as a supplement.

Scientific studies thus far show that it may help to prevent a variety of cancers including lung and breast cancer. As well as prevention, it may also have properties that can be used to cure cancer, however more study is needed.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B Complex include all or most of the B Vitamins in a ratio that is usually standardized. While obtaining the necessary B Vitamins from your diet is often not difficult, it is still possible to become deficient in some of them.

It has been shown that increasing your Vitamin B intake may help in dealing with stress, improve mood, skin and hair conditions while helping your immune system battle against environmental attacks as well as viruses and other infections.

Halibut Liver Oil

Halibut Liver Oil contains both Vitamins A and D, and both are necessary for maintaining optimum health. Vitamin A has two forms:

1. As "retinols" which are animal based.

2. As "carotenes" which are plant based.

While it is possible to get enough Vitamin A from a vegan diet, you will need to be very careful that you indeed are as it has been discovered that carotenes have not been measured correctly in the past, as far as their ability to provide Vitamin A. It also appears that the retinol form is more effective for ensuring healthy eyesight.

The Vitamin D that halibut liver oil contains has been linked to a stronger immune system, but there are concerns that many do not get enough of it. Sunshine is often the way body absorbs Vitamin D, but in climates where there is not as much sunlight, especially during the winter, there is a good possibility of Vitamin D deficiency.

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Source: Eklem on Flickr

Oil Of Oregano

The latest research on oregano indicates that this herb, which is used in copious amounts in Mediterranean cooking, could be a wonder herb.

A study that was completed in 2010 showed that an extract from oregano could improve brain function, while another study indicated it may be able to cure people suffering from Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Oregano use has also been linked to reduced rates of cancer including lung cancer, prevention of colds and influenzas, and reduction in menstrual pain among women.

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ian_scott 22 months ago

Very nice article. I love oregano, and now I'm going to eat much more of it!

Dan_Smith 22 months ago

This is a good, well-rounded, list of some important natural supplements to keep in mind to round out your diet (I prefer the word nutrition plan). A couple I would like to add, that have worked very well for me, are Ginger Root and Coconut Oil. Ginger Root has some positive effects on intestinal function. These days, it seems a lot of people deal with...how shall we say....bowel function problems. Ginger Root can help quite a bit in restoring natural bowel function. Also, Coconut Oil is considered a good source of fat

zumbawjade profile image

zumbawjade 22 months ago

I can't stress enough the benefits of spirulina. I am creating a lens about supplements currently and was looking for some inspiration... so happy to find someone talking about spirulina!!

zumbawjade profile image

zumbawjade 22 months ago

@ian_scott: I never even new that oregano was considered a supplement!

ian_scott 22 months ago

@zumbawjade: I suppose in its oil form (oil of oregano), it would be a supplement. It's pretty "hot" though when not diluted.

junecampbell profile image

junecampbell 22 months ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada Level 5 Commenter

I expect all of these supplements are beneficial and good for you. I enjoy good health also.

kimark421 profile image

kimark421 22 months ago

Enjoyable read. Thanks for the great lens!

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